When Will Mobile Finally Spread its Airline Wings? (It’s Sooner Than You Think)

Jul 17, 2013

As the cockpit door is locked you’re reminded by flight attendants (several times, you know who you are) to shut off all electronic devices. That’s because failure to turn off our gadgets could result in a communications jam that leads to some horrific midair collision – or so our friendly Federal Aviation Administration implies.

Then, for the umpteenth or so time, you watch a video on how to use a school bus-style seatbelt buckle, the taxiing begins and it’s wheels up.

But if airlines are so safe –
statistically a traveler could fly once a day for four million years before being killed in a plane crash – how can our harmless smartphones be so stupid? The truth is they can’t. And shame on the airline industry for making a mockery of safety.

In light of this obvious reality, changes are finally coming – and it’s a topic that Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst with MobileTrax discussed in a recent article, “Using Mobile Devices on Airplanes.”

I personally lament the day when cabins become as loud as rush hour commuter trains. Yes, ubiquitous Internet access is fast becoming a public utility that can’t be denied. But the cabin space is the last bastion of relative peace, still void of incessant, banal phone chitter-chatter.

Purdy takes pains to walk readers through upcoming developments and the latest pending legislation and technological changes that are supposed to make the skies a whole lot friendlier. Just not louder, I hope.

What are your views on allowing mobile phone calls in cabins? Should the FAA approve this move if phones are deemed safe for use after all?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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