What we knew all along – reality TV ain't real…

Nov 16, 2008

We thought the following story was just too gross not to share. USA Today reported a story on Thursday of a leaked memo from Anomaly, who WAS planning an ad campaign for ESPN. The agency was to hold a casting call, looking for actors to fit the lovely following stereotypes including;

-Male from Duke University who is smart, WHITE (note that white was in caps). The kind of guy everyone wants to be (someone pass me a bucket)

-Male from Oklahoma, wide-eyed and naive as they come

-Male, African-American. “Think Toofer the straight-laced Harvard grad writer from 30 Rock”

Don’t you think that kind of stereotyping really sets us back, especially when we’ve made so much progress in electing the very first African-American President?

People, these are advertising agency “creatives” making these stereotypes – the people who create ads that millions of Americans watch. These are the ads that ultimately sway decisions and shape our perceptions whether we realize or not.

Time to get real!

You can find the whole story here –

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