Welcome to 2011, the Year of Awesomeness!

Jan 3, 2011

Kicking off my blog this year is a list of the top 15 mobile-related columns from 2010, featured in Mobile Marketer – to which I am a contributor.

* 11 trends for mobile apps in 2011
* Identifying three models for a mobile presence
* Mobile swiftly moves to core of all brand communications
* What should the mobile database record?
* What is the growth trajectory for mobile advertising?
* How to market your mobile application to No. 1
* Make customer care rewarding with SMS
* How to buy mobile media
* Why a piecemeal mobile strategy does not make sense
* Five steps to succeeding in mobile commerce
* 5 arguments on why mobile is indispensable to marketing plans
* How to roadmap your mobile Web development
* Why the iPad signals the convergence tipping point
* Key tips on mobile site design and search engine optimization
* Who owns mobile strategy?

For those of you who didn’t read my article the first time around, 5 arguments on why mobile is indispensable to marketing plans is even more relevant today as brand marketers firm up their marketing plans for 2011. Here’s a short excerpt:

As the readers of this column will certainly agree, mobile marketing is no fad.

Rather, I believe that mobile marketing will – and must – become a central part of every successful marketing and visibility strategy, and I think it is well on its way to becoming just that.

However, the integration of mobile marketing into existing marketing strategies on a large scale will not happen spontaneously.

Instead, it will come about through a concerted effort to educate companies and other organizations about the benefits and unique qualities of mobile outreach.

Continue reading the article on Mobile Marketer


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