Vanessa Horwell in Mobile Marketer: Is the iPhone becoming the new Blackberry?

Apr 15, 2013

The release of Apple’s iPhone5 was stale (to say the least) and proceeded to have some consumers flocking to the Android platform en masse, attracted by the powerful battery life and strong utility of phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3. With Apple’s stock taking a dive in during the last quarter and consumer opinion that the company’s most innovative days are behind it, a new question has arisen:

Is the iPhone becoming the new Blackberry?

ThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell shares her insights with Mobile Marketer, challenging the ideal that the two products – the iPhone and Blackberry – are comparable.

“Apple is known for a diversity of products: desktops, laptops, mp3 players, smartphones and accessories, as well as for essentially inventing digital entertainment/music via iTunes and later the App Store . . .  BlackBerry, by comparison, staked its future on a specified niche and purpose: the business professional’s mobile workhorse device.”

Read the interview in Mobile Marketer here.

Do you think the iPhone is doomed to repeat Blackberry’s fade from former glory as the mobile handset market’s crown jewel? Please share your thoughts with our community in the comments section!

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