This Week’s Winners and Losers of Social Media

Aug 27, 2014

This week’s Social Media Winners and Losers have a special focus on MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) and the Twitterverse’s top stories.  From bagels to Beyoncé, this week highlighted what a smart, simple and well-edited social media presence can do for a brand.


Greggs’ (UK) turns a misinformed Google Search into gold

Greggs’ slogan is, “Always Fresh.  Always Tasty.”  Google’s web crawlers, however, had other ideas when it sourced the company’s logo from a Wikipedia parody site which read, “Providing s**t to scum for over 70 years.”  Neil Knowles, Digital Brand Manager for Gregg’s (who is my new hero) used the power of social media to get the issue resolved AND to do it in a time-sensitive fashion by sending this message:


And it only got better when Knowles calmed his well-cultivated (yet still angered) brand advocates with this one:



Final Score

Gregg’s: 1 absolutely brilliant social media strategy that pleased trolls, customers and Google alike

Google: 12 Donuts, a pastry cake in their name and the startling realization that the world’s most powerful search engine was completely out-classed by a bakery

Boy Bands and Girl Groups Rule the VMA’s Digital Presence

In social media, simplicity is key when talking to Millennials.  5 Seconds to Summer (Think Mumford & Sons channeled into a boy band) tweeted a caption-less photo that generated thousands upon thousands of retweets and favorites.  Similarly, 5th Harmony vocalist Lauren Jauregui’s tweet became the most popular post (other than 5 Seconds of Summer’s, of course) to hit MTV’s Twitter page during the VMAs.  Her words did very little to convey anything beyond her excitement over attending the award show.  But again, great social media makes feelings like those simple and accessible to fans across the country.




Final Score

Lauren Jauregui: One Video Music Award, 8,832 Retweets and 12,902 Favorites

5 Seconds to Summer: One Video Music Award, a photo, 37,904 Retweets, 66,570 favorites and millions of fan girls

Teenage Internet Users: Tons of content from celebrities with whom they are OBSESSED.  No, seriously, OBSESSED obsessed.  Like, literally OBSESSED.


South Carolina No Longer Educates Children

There are certain times in life when you just need to see how a tweet will display before you send it.  That moment, unfortunately, did not occur to SC Governor Nikki Haley (or her social media strategist) when she released this message:



Talk about an historic announcement.  While this full message was meant to say the state would no longer educate children based upon where they were born, it leaves the door wide open for an opposing candidate or special interest group to take this viral.

Final Score

Nikki Haley: 1 would-be history-making tweet turned fail

Democrats in South Carolina: All the meme material the Internet could ever provide

Kim Kardashian and Jenner Sisters tweeting during VMA’s Ferguson Tribute

Let’s face it, the Kardashians are businesswomen. If they can find the time to multitask, they will.  Which is why it should (sadly) not come as a surprise that social media followers called Kim and the Jenner sisters out on texting during the VMA’s tribute to Ferguson, MI. And while these commenters are just as guilty of not paying that same respect to Ferguson during the ceremony, they also aren’t famous; meaning no one is going to check them the way they did Kim, Kylie and Kendal.





Final Score

The Entire Twitterverse: Another rant about the Kardashians and a sense of moral superiority

Kendal and Kylie Jenner: A firm scolding from Mom, Kris

Kim Kardashian: More free exposure

Kim Kardashian’s Publicist(s): A sleepless night and about 10-12 hours’ worth of damage control


Beyoncé’s Absence from Twitter during the VMA’s

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have existed in a vortex of divorce rumors for the past few weeks.  And during her epic 20-minute VMA performance,  Beyoncé addressed everything from her nuptials to her role as a feminist.  Yet no opinions, updates or photos were released on her Twitter during one of the biggest music events of the year.  Strange, no?

Until you look at Instagram, where she posted a photo of herself from the opening of the performance and a video of her giving husband Jay-Z a kiss during her award acceptance.  Was the Queen Bey strictly targeting Instagram, or would tackling the public’s opinions of her on Twitter do nothing more than provide additional fodder for the rumor mill?

Final Score

Beyoncé: 1 Photo, 1 Video

Beyoncé Fans: One 20-minute-long performance and endless discussion of Beyoncé’s flawlessness

People who are ambivalent towards or not fond of Beyoncé: A bunch of updates they really don’t care about

What were the best social media stories you saw this week?  Let us know in the comments section or tweet us @thinkinkpr.

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