Thinkink’s Horwell: Print Media Still Important

Jul 22, 2009

Vanessa Horwell, who is chief visibility officer at PR firm Thinkink in Miami, gave us a very lively interview about the future of journalism. She’s worried about it.

“Without newspapers and the existence of quality journalism and print media, the PR industry and indeed the entire advertising industry will suffer in a very big way,” she told us.

She said many businesses and consumers “just don’t hold the same value for online content as they do for print.”

For example, “we had a client who complained that his company was being featured in, but not the print version. We argued that 15 million eyeballs seeing his story online would make far more impact than the 5.4 million print readers … but the client wasn’t convinced. He wanted the prestige of print. He also told us … ‘who wants to be online if it’s free?’ ”

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