ThinkInk Thinks in “Is Mobile Hastening the End of Predictable Behavior”

Mar 18, 2013

ThinkInk’s Chief Visibility Officer, Vanessa Horwell, recently shared her views about how mobile affects consumer predictability in “Is mobile hastening the end of predictable behavior?” The article was published today in Mobile Marketer.

In the article, associate editor Rimma Kats explores the idea that today’s proliferation of push notifications, mobile alerts and mobile-only deals may be making it much tougher – if not impossible – for marketers to predict device-toting customers’ buying behavior.

Vanessa’s take: mobile and the Big Data deluge are enhancing, not hindering, customer predictability. That’s because mobile devices gather information, such as location and past buying habits, that can be put together to create an ever more accurate picture of individual customers’ preferences – as long as real people, not just programs, interpret the numbers.

You can read the article here and we welcome your comments below!

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