ThinkInk Clients: Making Loyalty News!

Jan 24, 2013

We’ve always been (and always will be) extremely proud of all of our clients, but today we are especially proud of two of them in particular: Synchology and Kobie Marketing. The companies were recently featured in Loyalty360’s ‘This Week in Loyalty’ online publication.

In the first of the two featured articles, Synchology celebrated the launch of its branded synchology-headerpayments platform with the Jump Visa® prepaid debit card, a white-label ready solution with options for custom brand integration. “Brands can offer their customers all the features and value of The Jump Card and have their co-branded card and consumer experience program available in less than eight weeks, complete with brand-specific reward integration,” reads the article.

Meanwhile, Kobie Marketing’s article, titled “Why kobie-logo-homeAirline Loyalty Is Not Up In The Air,” offered a knowledgeable rebuttal to the claim that airline loyalty programs are only loyal to the airline and not the customer, citing and discussing the overwhelming participation in loyalty programs through airlines’ offering of an “ultimate passenger experience” to loyal customers.

Feel free to take a look at the two articles and, as always, you are invited to let us know about your thoughts. Congrats to our friends at Synchology and Kobie for making a splash on the loyalty scene!

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