The Nonprofit Post-Election Connection – An Open Letter to President Obama

Nov 8, 2012

By: Christian Williams, Social Enterprise Coordinator

Dear President Obama,

In your victory speech on Wednesday morning, you made a poignant statement about American unity. “… While each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.”

Nonprofits are unique in their ability as an organization to unite a politically divided public. Nonprofits influence an American culture of giving, geared to helping our nation’s citizens and companies work toward the greater good – regardless of political affiliation. We’ve already seen evidence of this in our recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy victims.

Now that you’ve been re-elected, what will you do for nonprofit organizations?  Can you:

Influence companies to grow their corporate giving? Companies traditionally represent a huge chunk of the donations made to charities. How can you encourage companies to grow their giving programs? Can you offer tax breaks or other incentives to promote the use of employee philanthropy and volunteer programs?

Stand by nonprofit employers? Continue your support of nonprofit organizations that hire new employees by supporting them through measures like your monumental health care reform, allowing payroll tax credits to offset the cost of providing healthcare to their employees?

Continue being an example?  President Obama, you are known for being one of the most giving presidents in American history. You and Michelle contributed $172, 130 to charity in 2011, a whopping 22 percent of your adjusted income. You have even linked up with the likes of Republican talk show host Bill O’Reilly to raise money for a nonprofit organization, showing a willingness to reach across the aisle to work toward doing good.

Please continue being an example to the rest of us and encourage your fellow Americans to be as giving as you have been.

Do these things and we’ll be looking forward to another four years under your leadership.


Christian Williams

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