The Hating Merry-Go-Round

Jul 11, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

By Vanessa Horwell

And so it continues, the hating merry-go-round.

Another onslaught of airline bashing this week by several big time media outlets.

TIME gives its readers 20 Reasons To Hate the Airlines, USA Today incites readers with Airline fees: Make them fair and we’ll stop complaining and the New York Times goes to town with Airlines Play The No-Fault Card.

I’m left wondering why.

Why this week in particular? What did  airlines do so differently — or drastically– to bring on the wrath of  media to such a degree?

Let me clarify something. I am not a paid mouthpiece for any airline, but I am shocked by the aggression towards the airline industry by these mainstram outlets. Why are they so anti-airlines?

The only writer who actually stood up in defense of the airline industry was George Hobica, a writer who is not always sympathetic.  But his commentary this week, Does air travel deserve its bad reputation? did a good job of highlighting the fact that “the skies are friendly more often than not.”

My question remains: airlines, what exactly did you do this week?


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