Position your business for long-term success with the help of a results-driven partner

Our expertise goes far beyond that of a traditional agency to providing the kind of strategy development and consulting services that companies can typically only access from large, expensive advisory firms.

ThinkInk is a strategic partner in the success of each of our clients, and help them develop smart, modern growth strategies to drive adoption. We also have deep experience developing branding, messaging, and positioning strategies to build compelling ‘corporate identities’ that match our clients’ values, communicate their value propositions, and resonate with their target markets.

We also apply our consulting and advisory services to enable our clients to make the best business decisions possible in times of transition. ThinkInk helps clients develop acquisition and restructuring plans, assess (and improve) operational effectiveness, optimize internal procedures and survey new tools and systems to help boost revenue and business development results.

Our strategy development and advisory services can also include:

  • Brand and product naming and positioning
  • Logo and brand guideline creation, as well as other design services
  • C-Level consulting on business direction and/or selling to new markets
  • Market research and vendor/partner analysis


Branding for B2B Companies: Why it Matters More Than You Think

By Madelyn Young Feb 10, 2016

When it comes to business development in 2016, it can seem as if business-to-business (B2B) companies operate in an alternate universe than their B2C (“business-to-consumer”) counterparts – and the concept of branding is a case example of just how different their worlds are. Consumer-driven companies, by nature, have to get themselves noticed by the public …

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