Seize your slot in your sector’s most important reports and industry analysis

ThinkInk understands the immense brand and financial value that being covered by an industry analyst can provide – with the potential to influence buyer behaviors and attract strategic partners.

Any comprehensive communications program should include engagement with prominent analysts and industry researchers. At ThinkInk, we maintain a network of analyst contacts from the top-tier firms that facilitate the research and market intelligence that can position any brand as an industry leader.

We leverage our analyst network to arrange briefings and vendor reviews, and to help our clients develop long-term analyst relationships – whether or not they are a client of the analyst firm.

Our analyst-related services help clients:

  • Earn placements in top industry reports from firms like Forrester, Skift, Harris Interactive, and many more
  • Create and submit content, such as product descriptions or executive bios, to researchers
  • Win earned media coverage stemming from the reports in targeted web, print, and broadcast media outlets
  • Maintain relationships with analysts for future reports and opportunities

Analyst Relations: Best Practices for Influencing the ‘Info Junkies’

By Madelyn Young Feb 10, 2016

Even among highly experienced business executives and PR professionals, analyst relations can be a minefield of misunderstanding. Outsiders to “AR” often mistakenly believe that industry analysts are easily influenced – open to ‘playing favorites’ with vendors who do them favors – or worse, that they (or their employers) are pay-to-play resources giving their best ‘clients’ …

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