Smartphone vs. Tablet: Playing to the Strengths of Devices, Platforms & Consumer Behavior in 2015

Nov 25, 2014 / By THINKINK

In today’s Mobile Marketer guest column, Vanessa Horwell, ThinkInk’s Principal and Chief Strategy Officer, addresses marketing challenges that arise out of consumers’ different uses of smartphones vs. tablets:

“A couple of years ago, I engaged in a somewhat heated argument with a mobile industry peer. His position was that tablets are not mobile devices, because they act more like computers than mobile devices.

My position was that tablets that are mobile devices, because they meet the definition of “mobile” – untethered, portable, capable of receiving a Wi-Fi signal and carried around by users for the same kinds of activities as smartphones.
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What I have come to realize and admit, however, is that not all mobile devices are created equally, nor are they used similarly.
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Yes, today’s consumers can do just about everything on both a smartphone or tablet, whether it is researching a product, booking a hotel room, paying a bill, texting or Skyping an after-school latchkey child at 3 p.m. or watching the latest CNN video.
But not everybody does everything on both, nor do they want to….”


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