Should Brands Pay Attention to the App Discovery Economy? Um, Yes!

Jul 15, 2013

Did you know that over two million applications exist in today’s app economy? Such rapid growth of the market has led to the emergence of “app store optimization,” or ASO, which purports to help app developers remain visible (and high up) in app store rankings.
While word-of-mouth remains the leading source of app awareness among smartphone and tablet users, “pre-packaged research” such as popularity rankings and featured status are also prominent factors in attracting new sets of eyes, yet they lack focus on sub-segmented customer needs. And without proper messaging and standardization, app discovery developers could quickly be stereotyped as “digital car salesmen” – parasitic entities opportunistically making a buck off confused-as-ever consumers.

Apple, too, has taken heed of the challenges it could face with this booming trend. The tech giant recently booted app discovery pioneer AppGratis from the App Store amid fears the company’s business model would unduly influence organic app download rankings and user popularity.

In my recent Mobile Commerce Daily article, Brands Should Pay Attention to the App Discovery Economy, I share my thoughts on the still nascent app-discovery economy and how it could help both developers and consumers sharpen their app aptitude ending the era of app apoplexy.

You can read the entire article on Mobile Commerce Daily here.

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