Severing the tablet’s technological umbilical cord for good

Jan 25, 2013

She’s at it again… ThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell was featured in Mobile Marketing today discussing how even though new mobile technologies are meant to reduce our workload,

k310 washable keyboardwe’re still spending time on ‘double washing’ duties. But she wasn’t referring to dishes — Vanessa was referring to tablets and t-commerce in her article, Severing the tablet’s technological umbilical cord for good. 

“Earlier this week, as I was curled up with my hubby and tablet, watching the telly, I caught a dishwasher commercial that included that obligatory question: “Why do you wash the dishes before you wash the dishes?” Guilty as charged: one wash before the dishes go in the dishwasher and another to remove that filmy substance I am sure does little for my glass of sauvignon blanc.” Read more on Mobile Marketer.

Are you guilty of ‘double washing’ too? Tell us in the comments section below!

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