Sep 17, 2015

Fix Your Marketing by Fixing Your Map

Success in the retail world relies heavily on location, location, location. Consumers need to know where to find businesses and events, and marketers need to provide concise information to customers about addresses, directions and locations. The common solution is to embed or link to a map from Google or Bing – a marketing tactic that can, in fact, be counterproductive. Why? Businesses that rely on readily available search engine maps are in effect funneling their customers outward into the larger marketplace, where online/embedded maps expose them to competitors, similar businesses, and possibly less-than-positive consumer reviews. The solution? Today’s online businesses need to fix this broken location marketing funnel by “owning” their maps and locations through a tool like
MapJam, which supports easy-to-create, branded, customized, personalized, share-able, easily updated, relevant maps – one location at a time. A marketing funnel that sends your customers elsewhere is broken, while a marketing funnel that enables sole ownership of location-based content and lures customers directly to you – that’s the true measure of location-marketing success.

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