Flying Forward: What the Future Holds for Airlines and the Travel Industry

Apr 17, 2015

Each year, the airline industry finds more innovative ways to enhance the passenger experience,
boost revenue, and adapt to stay competitive in a constantly changing global marketplace.
Industry experts believe 2015 will be no exception.

In November 2014, Airline Information, a globally recognized leader in commercial aviation conferences, hosted its 5th annual Mega Event in New Orleans. Bringing together hundreds of executives from the airline, travel, loyalty and co-branded card sectors, this conference provided a platform for discussions about reinventing the business model of travel. With conference tracks on frequent flyer programs, ancillary revenue, loyalty, merchandising, co-brand partnerships and other topics, the 2014 event focused specifically on the “reinvention” of airline business models and how airlines should use these models to drive sustainable profits and improve
the overall customer experience.

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