QR Codes Still Queued Up For Success

Jul 16, 2013

After spending months promoting the untapped value of Quick Response codes – you know, those barcode-like electronic tags readable via smartphones – I’m honestly a little tired of Googling “QR” only to find websites such as “,” complete with the tagline “Celebrating the ridiculousness that is QR codes” at the top of my search hits.

I put my Web (and brain) bandwidth to better use by reading a recent blog by Claudio
Schapsis titled QR Codes Best Practices – 10 rules for marketing professionals. Schapsis, a market-driven technology evangelist whose focus is on mobile marketing and location-based services, offers marketers a number of tips for better  use of QR code tactics. He also provides insights into why the nearly two-decade-old technology has yet to hit its stride.

Nothing speaks like the voice of authenticity, the saying goes. But the power of simplicity shouldn’t be ignored either. QR codes are a relatively simple and cost-effective technology that brilliantly merges the physical and virtual worlds.

You can check out Schapsis’ blog here and welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.

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