Personalized Mobile Marketing: On Its Way, But Waiting for Data, Technology, Infrastructure & Context

Dec 5, 2014 / By THINKINK

ThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell is quoted in today’s Mobile Marketer coverage of the marketing industry’s shift toward personalized mobile marketing. Her assessement: it’s coming, but waiting for key pieces to fall into place.

MMWITHLINE“The biggest challenge facing mobile marketers – or really, any marketer right now, is how to truly personalize communications,” said Vanessa Horwell, chief visibility officer with Miami-based ThinkInk.

“Marketers are talking about how they’re focused on personalization and one-to-one outreach but the reality is they do not have all the technology pieces and infrastructure needed – complete customer profiles, access to data, cross-team/agency collaboration and marketing competencies to actually make this a reality.

“Discussions about personalized marketing and one-to-one marketing are still largely just that – discussions,” she said.  “Until marketers are able to connect every marketing touch point and properly use the data being collected across each of these, and all the agencies they’re working with, only then can we really start talking about personalized communications and providing contextually relevant information.”

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