Mobile strategies for a post-recession world

Jul 15, 2009

By Eric Holmen

As a firm believer in the potential of the mobile channel, particularly in terms of mobile commerce and marketing and advertising applications, I am an optimist by nature. As the head of a mobile marketing firm, I am an optimist by trade.

But even at that, I am not going to write in this column that the economy has turned the corner and it is time to start doing the business of recovery. My glass is not that half-full.

I do think, however, that it is time to start planning for a post-recession world.

In terms of marketing and communications, this means taking an honest assessment of the current situation from multiple perspectives, analyzing what has worked historically and how those historical trends may play out over the next six to 18 months and beyond. Then start positioning your company or organization for optimal success once the economy really does start to right itself.

Forward-thinking companies are consistently looking past the current quagmire and making these kinds of plans – it is a hallmark of success. For most of these plans, at least from our perspective, mobile will be a major component.

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