Mobile Marketing from the Ground Up

Dec 9, 2008

There’s a great piece in yesterday’s by its editor, Mickey Khan, called “Short code, mobile site: Building blocks of mobile marketing”.

His article is very telling of the state of mobile right now. I also wrote about a similar topic last month – that mobile marketing is on the cusp of greatness. As we head into 2009, there are many indicators to confirm this statement.

Just about every major US retailer is now looking at mobile marketing to reach a greater swath of consumers who’ve tuned out from traditional advertising mediums.

But more importantly, Khan’s piece explains that as marketers we need to crawl before we can walk, and walk before we can run. In other words, establish a solid foundation for mobile marketing and build from the ground up.

No marketing strategy – mobile or otherwise – can succeed without a destination and a desired outcome. But my fear, (and I don’t think I am not alone) is that many companies hopping onto the mobile marketing bandwagon are looking at this medium as a quick fix or instant marketing cure.

It’s not. A mobile marketing strategy requires just as much thought, respect, understanding and innovation as others. Otherwise, we run the risk of spamming consumers or mismanaging campaigns through the most personal and potentially powerful marketing device ever.

Don’t do it!

Avoid the temptation. Allow mobile marketing to grow to its full potential. Marketers are relying on it.

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