Mind your jargon

Jun 3, 2011

ThinkInk’s Chief Visibility Officer Vanessa Horwell was recently featured in an article from The Age about the prevailing trend of using mindless, senseless phrases in business and social media today. Please read an excerpt of the article below, or read the entire article here.

“Mind your jargon” – By Leon Gettler

(Reprinted from The Age)

“Jargon is bad enough in the business world but social media is adding a whole new layer of gobbledygook, and it is sending me around the twist.

My eyes glaze over whenever I hear talk about being on the ‘same page’, about ‘going forward’, ‘key drivers’, stuff that’s ‘mission critical’, taking the ‘viewfinder’ over the ‘mission statement’ and seeing what’s at the end of the ‘digital tunnel’, with the ‘low hanging fruit’ and ‘key drivers’. And the list goes on…

Vanessa Horwell at Media Post has her own list that includes terms like “proactive” (which the dictionary defines as creating a situation or taking control of it, rather than just responding which, when you think about it, is the opposite of sitting around and waiting for things to happen), and sole survivor (the word sole is redundant because a survivor is the one person who survives) and, one of my pet hates, non-essential personnel (which basically dismisses the grunt workers keeping everything going as unimportant).”

We certainly have to agree that useless jargon and business terms have no place in social media – or anywhere else for that matter.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts below on terms that should be banned from any business person’s vocabulary!

Read the full article.

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