Vanessa Horwell

Chief Strategy Officer

Expertise: Mobile, Airlines, Loyalty, Speaking Engagements & Conferences, Strategy Development & Advisory Services

Since founding ThinkInk in 2004, Vanessa Horwell has distinguished herself as an award-winning, results-driven business media strategist and global thought leader in B2B public relations and marketing. As Chief Strategy Officer of ThinkInk, Vanessa drives sales and marketing efforts and leads strategic direction and campaign development for our agency and our many international clients across the airline, mobile, loyalty, and payments industries.


Jen Mandli

Creative Director

Expertise: Airlines, Mobile, Design, Content Marketing

As Creative Director, Jen Mandli drives all design-related projects for ThinkInk and its clients. An expert ‘visual marketer,’ Jen leads the development and creation of items ranging from handouts and sales brochures to infographics, whitepapers, and reports. Her specialty is working with tech startups to help them define their branding – and nailing their new logos on the first try!


Madeleine Funes

VP of Business Strategy

Expertise: Payments, Mobile, Content Marketing, Strategy Development & Advisory Services

Madeleine is a senior contributor at ThinkInk, helping to develop and execute profitable and effective business and marketing strategies for agency clients. Madeleine also actively contributes to complex content deliverables and projects. She has significant experience on the marketing and business development side of the house, giving our firm a unique view into the life of the client. She has extensive experience in web and mobile technology, including payment platforms, and has an MBA from UC Berkeley.


Lisa Reid

Strategic Consultant and Loyalty Specialist

Expertise: Loyalty & CRM, Advertising & Marketing, Strategy Development, PR & Media Relations

A decade of senior management experience in corporate marketing and customer relationship management roles for global companies has provided Lisa with an intrinsic understanding of the challenges that businesses face, enabling her to develop cutting-edge business and marketing strategies to help ThinkInk clients gain competitive advantage. Lisa's extensive background specializing in customer centricity solutions and loyalty & CRM program development provides valuable support to ThinkInk's loyalty clients across all aspects of their business strategy.


Jason Cardona

Business Writer and Content Specialist

Expertise: Analysis, B2B/Tech Content, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Business Writing, Branding

Jason is a business writer and content specialist with a strong liberal arts background who applies critical thinking, analysis and storytelling to business and marketing – specializing in B2B/Tech content. Jason loves the challenge of thinking through products and services, brands and industries and translating smart thinking into effective copy and engaging content.


Emily Bowe

Senior B2B PR Strategist

Expertise: PR & Media Relations, Content Marketing, Strategy Development & Advisory Services, Advertising & Marketing

NYC-based Emily Bowe spends her days integrating marketing and public relations techniques into effective business strategies, resulting in powerful brand campaigns and high-value media coverage for agency clients. As a Senior PR Strategist, Emily creates thought leadership programs to position B2B clients as industry experts while driving business outcomes through smart content marketing. With both an agency PR background and in-house marketing experience, Emily understands the need of our clients and offers strategic insights to ensure their business, sales, PR and marketing efforts align with their corporate brand identity.


Sam Burritt

Senior Marketing Officer

Expertise: Marketing, Strategy & Creative Development, Content Marketing, Hospitality, Payments

Sam brings more than a decade’s worth of experience developing marketing strategy, crafting compelling content and managing diverse teams to his role as Senior Marketing Officer. After an early stint as a ThinkInk-er from 2007 to 2010, Sam performed various marketing functions for companies in the nonprofit, payments and hospitality industries before returning to ThinkInk to help hone the firm’s strategic direction and create value for its clients. He is based in Miami, FL.


Kristin Grages

B2B PR & Media Relations

Expertise: PR & Media Relations, Inbound and Content Marketing, Business Writing, Strategy Development & Advisory Services

Bringing more than 15 years of in-house and agency experience to ThinkInk, Kristin is a versatile and responsive collaborator who understands the dynamic marketing needs of an organization. At any time, you can find her developing strategic messaging, working with the press, writing white papers, editing blog posts or planning an email campaign. Prior to joining ThinkInk, Kristin ran a consultancy helping companies carve out their place within their respective markets and better tell their stories.


Elif Ozgecan Hiz

Digital Marketing Specialist

Expertise: Digital Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing, Creative Content Creation, B2B Technology & SaaS Businesses

Elif has overtaken business development and marketing roles in across a range of industries, and later found her calling with inbound and content marketing. Over the past several years, she has designed and executed marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies and SMB's in software, IT, SaaS, Tech and Fintech, as well as launching a few of her own projects in between. She has lived and worked remotely from various locations across the globe, an early adopter of the #remotework trend and an enthusiast of the future of work topic.


Madelyn Young

Senior B2B Content Writer

Expertise: Airlines, Payments, Content Marketing, Marketing & Business Development

In complex industries, it can be difficult for B2B companies to convey how their solutions solve problems. Thanks to her years as an in-house content writer for B2B startups and enterprise software companies – as well as her editorial experience at a major newswire – Madelyn Young understands how to develop compelling content that helps companies drive traction through ‘corporate storytelling.’


Nathalie Llaneza

Junior PR Associate

Expertise: PR and Media Relations, Special Events, Business Writing

Nathalie is a new addition to the ThinkInk team in 2018. As a recent graduate of Florida International University, her aspiration is to build a strong and knowledgeable foundation on which to establish her career. Nathalie works along side the team as she continues to build her B2B portfolio. Her expertise and experience position her perfectly to assist with agency client accounts that result in effective and successful campaigns.