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Apr 9, 2010

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By Jennifer Rodrigues, TravelInk’d

Facebook, Twitter, social media, digital marketing, SEO, banner ads, CPM – confused yet?

In the past few years, the world of marketing has expanded tenfold.  And in an increasingly online marketplace (like the hospitality industry), it has become an operational imperative to market your company both off and online.

It’s no longer enough to just have a website with some pretty pictures and paragraphs of text; today’s websites must be interactive, must provide real information – pricing, booking availability, customer reviews, etc.  Social media is becoming an important way to spread corporate messaging and develop relationships with target audiences.  Email marketing (and mobile marketing, which is the newest way of reaching consumers on the go) has quickly surpassed other types of advertising in terms of efficacy and reach, making your marketing dollars go a lot further.

So what do all these changes mean for you, the hospitality companies reading this blog?

It means that you’ll have lots of questions.  And lucky for you, I have answers; answers to your most burning marketing questions – from mobile marketing, to online and direct advertising, and the technology that makes it all happen, to social media – and how all of these marketing elements play an important role in the success of your company.  I hereby vow to provide you with the information you need to be more successful in your marketing campaigns.  Examples of successful campaigns and what made them so work.  And not just theoretical information; over the coming months I’ll be giving you actual steps that you can take to implement the campaigns for your company today, to bring success tomorrow.

Check back often to read my blog postings and in the meantime, if you have a question, no matter how big or small, I’d love to hear from you –

Jennifer Rodrigues, Visibility Specialist with ThinkInk and TravelInk’d, is a seasoned public relations professional with a passion for the hospitality industry, which is expressed in her role at ThinkInk’s travel division, TravelInk’d.  At TravelInk’d, she is responsible for developing cost-effective and creative public relations and marketing strategies for clients in the travel and tourism, hospitality, airline, lodging, cruise and meeting/event sectors.  For more information on TravelInk’d, please visit or contact Jennifer at

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