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Mar 16, 2009

Qdoba, Others Use 2-D Barcodes to Feed Consumers Content Such as Coupons

Published: March 16, 2009

Analysts and Jagtag competitors agree that for 2-D barcodes to gain any meaningful traction, the code reader must come preloaded on cellphones — and only the wireless carriers can make happen, as they dictate the specs to handset makers.

The campaign, which ran on technology from a company called Jagtag, netted a 52% redemption rate with about 400 scans* , roughly 1% of the total target student population.

“You use different media for different applications, and for a grand opening, this was appropriate,” Mr. Shipman said, adding he would consider using the technology for future promotions.

For Qdoba, it was a digital version of clipping coupons. But these codes — known as 2-D barcodes, since they’re scanned both horizontally and vertically — can also deliver product reviews, video demos or any other tool a marketer has in its digital arsenal. They can also help marketers track static ads and product performance in retail channels: Did the print ad get more scans in the men’s lifestyle glossy or the outdoor-enthusiast magazine?

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