Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Moment

Jan 30, 2013


159670751_001Four months after her analysis of Lance Armstrong’s Nixon-esque “V” pose, ThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell is back to discuss the defeated cyclist’s actions post-doping admission – specifically his recent appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network to fully confess his doping ‘sins’. In her article, Lance Armstrong’s Oprah Moment, Vanessa delves into the questions on everyone’s mind… Why did Lance feel a need to speak out? Why did he pick Oprah’s network to do it? And where can Lance go from here?

“In the celebrity PR playbook, making a trip to Oprah is not always something to be proud of. Visiting ‘O’ usually means you’ve gone off the rails of public appropriateness, made an arse of yourself and you’re seeking absolution, a springboard for a second act if you will. Oprah’s “magic touch” has a great track record, but considering the cloud of scandal and half-truths encircling Lance, not to mention a fierce public and media backlash, what’s left for the 41-year-old former cycling mega star after his two-part performance last week?  Having an Oprah “moment” is no guarantee of a successful second act.” Read more on MediaPost’s Marketing Daily.

What do you think is in Lance’s future post-doping admission? Let us know in the comments.

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