Why Airlines Are Boosting Their Investment in Cybersecurity

By Vanessa Horwell / Jul 14, 2016

As one of the globe’s most highly regulated industries, the aviation sector is widely admired for its safety record when it comes to the stipulations placed on its aircraft, passenger accommodations, and security protocols – especially since September 11, 2011. But when it comes to travelers’ digital safety, strict security procedures have been few and …

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With Big Issues Facing Adtech, Here’s How the Industry Can Adapt

By Madelyn Young / Jul 13, 2016

The advertising technology market is shifting – and whether it’s thriving or stagnating is a matter of perspective: One on hand, the market is huge and poised for continued growth. On the other hand, VC investment activity is slowing. What gives? Adtech sits at an unfortunate influx point of a multi-industry evolution. Fueled by the …

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Why the Next Era of B2B Social Will Span Well Beyond the Marketing Department

By Madelyn Young / Jul 7, 2016

Now that Microsoft has agreed to purchase LinkedIn, the world’s most popular professional networking platform, for a mammoth $26 billion sum, the business media is abuzz (once again) about the role and value social media can play in the next era of business. According to reports, Microsoft’s plans for LinkedIn – the largest-ever acquisition in …

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5 Ways Investing in B2B PR Feeds an Audience’s Appetite

By Vanessa Horwell / Jul 5, 2016

By professionals both inside and outside the PR industry, public relations is often likened to fishing. In the comparison, PR reps are “fishermen” (or fisherwomen) using their clients’ storylines to “hook” journalists’ interest. As every fishing enthusiast understands, one can take to the water on a beautiful day with a trusty rod and the perfect …

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Pixie Dust PR (and How it Hurts Growing Companies)

By Madelyn Young / Jul 1, 2016

At an event I recently attended, an entrepreneur told the audience of panel discussion how valuable positive press coverage had been for his early-stage company when it was conducting a crowdfunding campaign for its product – a wearable technology device. The product itself is a piece of jewelry with a tech-driven purpose behind it, making …

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Analyst Relations: The Most Important Tactic for Startup Growth

By Madelyn Young / Jun 28, 2016

In the world of B2B startup technology, the exciting ideas about business growth get more play than the basics do. “Lean” thinking, disruptive value propositions, MVPs (minimum viable products), and growth hacking are commonly discussed concepts among entrepreneurs, investors, business consultants, and the tech-focused media alike. But when viewed from the perspective inside an early-stage …

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The New Key to Customer Loyalty: ‘Brand Desirability’

By Madelyn Young / Jun 24, 2016

In the world of brand marketing, it can seem like love is the key to loyalty. After all, consumers who love a brand as much as they love its products will engage with that business time and again through return visits, repeat purchases, and more. Right? Yes… but in business as in romance, there’s far …

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How Fast is Too Fast When it Comes to Payments?

By Vanessa Horwell / Jun 22, 2016

Real-time streaming, instant access, always-on availability… with all things digital in 2016, technology companies and consumers alike tend to believe fast is good, faster is better, and immediate is best. But quickness has its drawbacks – especially when it comes to payments. Is time to slow things down? That question was recently raised in an …

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Boosting B2B Event Outcomes: 5 Smart Strategies

By / Jun 17, 2016

Whether you’re exhibiting at a top-tier industry conference or hosting your own meetup or forum, events tend to test a B2B team’s mettle. From logistical planning and budget constraints to contract negotiations, A/V, and electrical concerns, events involve a million moving parts (and a million things that can go wrong). Beyond planning and coordination, it …

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A Travel Agent in Your Pocket? Google’s Trips May be It

By Madelyn Young / Jun 14, 2016

Following the release of Google Destinations and the expansion of its Google Flights tool, the globe’s favorite search giant is at it again – with perhaps the only travel word it hasn’t used yet: Google Trips. According to leaks earlier this year, Google is beta-testing Trips – a “smart assistant” app that will organize all …

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Airlines & PR: What ‘Shorter Security Lines’ Say About the Value of Media Relations

By Vanessa Horwell / Jun 9, 2016

This article originally appeared on as a Thought Leader guest post from ThinkInk CEO, Vanessa Horwell, on Bulldog Reporter. If you traveled over the recent holiday weekend, some helping hands may have contributed to getting you through TSA a little faster than last year: In advance of a potentially record-breaking year for summer travel, Bloomberg reported that U.S. …

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3 Ways Mobile FinTech is Changing the Banking Industry

By Madelyn Young / Jun 7, 2016

In 2016, global mobile payment transactions are expected to reach $27 billion, with individual users spending an average of $721.47 annually. But the rise of mobile is about more than just convenient transactions – in fact, it may help change the landscape of banking for the better. The financial industry has long skewed large (think: …

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