The Fintech Invasion May Be Coming Soon to a Bank Near You

By Vanessa Horwell / Dec 5, 2016

With major disruption happening across the financial services and payments sectors — especially as blockchain and Bitcoin gain more traction and visibility — financial technology (fintech) companies are set to make waves in the 2017 payments and finance markets. Fintechs have experienced significant growth this year, in terms of investment and the number of startups proliferating …

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Fake News

Fake Media: Navigating the Murky Waters of Fake News and How to Expose the Fraudsters

By Vanessa Horwell / Nov 24, 2016

Just how problematic is the recent rash of “fake news” appearing on social media – and in our daily “trusted” news source feeds? In a word – disturbing. We (media, journalism, digital marketing and the entire PR universe) are seeing only the surface of a deeper, underlying problem. Over the past few years, these nebulous …

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Ad Tech’s Mid-Life Crisis: What’s Next for Advertising Technology?

By Vanessa Horwell / Oct 14, 2016

The advertising technology (ad tech) market is shifting – and whether it’s thriving or stagnating is a matter of perspective. Some say the market is huge and poised for continued growth. Others note that VC investment is slowing. So which is it? Ad tech sits at an unfortunate inflection point of a multi-industry evolution. Fueled …

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The Retailing Loyalty Dilemma: How to Stay Connected With Customers Post-Purchase

By Sue MacDonald / Oct 5, 2016

When the president of eBay is quoted as saying “the wall between retail and e-tail is crumbling fast,” something is definitely going on in the e-commerce and retailing worlds. Spurred by consumers’ reliance on mobile devices, the boom in social media, and shoppers’ permanent fixation with deals, what used to be divisional issues between in-store …

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miami technology

Miami’s Technology Manifesto Part 3: Drive the Narrative & Turn Potential Into Reality

By Vanessa Horwell / Sep 28, 2016

In Public Relations, we talk a lot about “driving the narrative” – using media visibility to tell a brand’s story to the world. But it’s not yet time for “Miami Tech” to do any storytelling; we still have a lot of growing up to if we want to be taken seriously as a vital and …

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Public Relations vs. Social Media: Evolving Toward a Happy Medium

By Vanessa Horwell / Sep 26, 2016

The PR industry is not going anywhere, despite some predictions, and it is certainly not ceding its role to social media, writes Chief Strategy Officer Vanessa Horwell in today’s Mobile Marketer. Public relations and social media are different disciplines that require different skills and mindsets, even if the skills and practices overlap and co-exist. The …

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miami technology

Miami’s Technology Manifesto Part 2: Overcoming Miami’s “Puberty” Problem

By Vanessa Horwell / Sep 20, 2016

In a recent interview with the New Tropic, Israeli entrepreneur and investor Oren Simanian explained his perception of South Florida in advance of Startup Nation, an event funded by the Knight Foundation to enhance Miami’s civic engagement and profile as a technology-focused startup city. His description: “Miami is like an 18-year-old guy that has youth, has …

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miami technology

Miami’s Technology Manifesto Part 1: Why It’s Time to Prioritize More Than Our “Potential”

By Vanessa Horwell / Sep 16, 2016

Earlier this year, Miami played host to the Tomorrow Tour, an event series organized by and Comcast. Organizers visited a number of the country’s top, emerging technology hubs – including South Florida – to identify the problems, concerns, and specialties that are unique to each non-Silicon Valley region. With some exceptions, the organizers found …

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3 Tips for Taking Startup PR Beyond the BS

By Nikkia Adolphe / Sep 1, 2016

A new concept making its way into the startup world is “radical candor.” Based on the idea that empty praise provides little value, organizations that embrace radical candor use feedback to challenge one another and hold team members accountable for their actions. The aim is not to be critical, but to encourage honesty over niceness …

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What to Look For in the Next Disruptor of Payments: 3 Innovations to Watch

By Vanessa Horwell / Aug 30, 2016

  When PayPal emerged from Palo Alto in 1998, few knew how impactful the small technology company ultimately would become. PayPal not only disrupted the payments industry at large, its technology and innovation-driven founders shaped the future of the next 18 years of the digital payments sector (and many other industries, too). But in 2016, PayPal – …

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Is the Traditional Loyalty Marketing Model Broken?

By Vanessa Horwell / Aug 24, 2016

According to the 2015 Colloquy Customer Loyalty Census, American households have memberships in an average of 29 loyalty programs, but are active in only 12 of them. What gives? Some blame a kind of loyalty fatigue: Whether it’s airline miles, “cashback” account credits, retailer discounts, gift cards, coupons, or BOGO offers, the list of rewards …

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The Overtime Game for Hotels: 3 Ways the Hospitality Sector Can Adapt to New Rules

By Nikkia Adolphe / Aug 22, 2016

For U.S. employers of almost every stripe, things will change significantly – at least when it comes to scheduling and payroll – on December 1, 2016. That’s when new federal overtime provisions take effect, and when all workers who earn less than $47,476 in salary annually will be entitled to overtime pay (no less than …

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