Sophisticated payments solutions need a smart PR & marketing partner.

The world of payments involves complicated technologies and strict compliance guidelines, but ThinkInk understands the complexity. We craft and execute smart publicity and promotions efforts to complement the technical value of our clients’ solutions with targeted B2B marketing and PR.

From writing bylined articles on combating financial crime threats to creating custom whitepapers on new trends in the payments sector, we develop sophisticated, creative content that communicates our clients’ value propositions, highlights their competitive advantages, and wins them impactful media coverage.

Many kinds of technology-focused companies serving the payments sector can benefit from partnering with ThinkInk, including:

  • Manufacturers of payment devices and systems
  • Payment processing companies
  • Digital wallet and mobile payment application developers
  • Point-of-sale apps and systems providers
  • Managed service solutions and API management systems
  • Money transmission and financial services companies

How Retailers & Payments Innovators Can Speed the ‘Mobile Payments Revolution’ Along

By Sue MacDonald Feb 7, 2016

You’ve heard the predictions, right? In a couple of years or decades, cash will disappear, and humans will pay with mobile devices, smartphones and an array of technologies that will handle financial transactions electronically, in the cloud, or whatever ethereal (but secure) location they will reside by then. But as countries move toward “cashlessness,” a …

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