The market needs your solution. Use our expertise to drive adoption.

B2B advertising & marketing technologies face a crowded (and growing) market. From multichannel messaging tools to inbound marketing platforms to CRM portals, there are more systems in the space than ever – making it difficult to communicate the unique value of a new solution. A trusted agency partner can help.

ThinkInk knows how to differentiate our clients’ SaaS or enterprise offerings from the competition and earn them the high-impact media attention needed to cultivate more targeted leads and drive better sales performance.

Many kinds of technology-focused advertising and marketing companies can benefit from partnering with ThinkInk, including:

  • Email marketing portals and other messaging systems
  • Inbound marketing and sales platforms and digital marketing companies
  • Lead scoring and lead nurturing solutions
  • App marketing or discovery companies
  • Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and ‘peer-to-peer’ platforms
  • Social media networking sites

Here Come….the Centennials. How Can You Market to 8-Second Attention Spans?

By Sue MacDonald Jan 21, 2016

If you thought Millennials presented unique challenges to marketers, branding experts, corporate reputation specialists and product developers, just wait till you meet….the Centennials. (Just so you know, the amount of time it took you to read that sentence is about the length of the average attention span of the Centennial generation. In other words, you’ve …

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