In Search of a Purpose Driven Life

May 23, 2009

I’m reading a story in this morning’s WSJ about Starbucks, ironically while I’m sipping a coffee in Starbucks. It’s a lovely, heartwarming piece about a freelance programmer and his quest to visit every Starbucks on the planet. Aaaawwwww. Some people want to save the world, while others want to stop starvation in Africa. And then there’s this guy who wants to knock back a java in every company-owned Starbucks on the planet. Imagine his carbon footprint?

Am I crazy, or is this not the dumbest, most inane “quest” ever? Millions of people are losing their jobs, and there are more homeless American CHILDREN – you know, young kids, babies – who are sleeping in Mom’s car because they DON’T HAVE A HOME – and this guy is dropping a couple of thousand dollars every couple of weeks to knock back some coffee.

I’m not a commie, let’s be clear about that. We live in a democracy and it is our right to spend our hard earned dollars on whatever the heck we feel like. But when someone makes a statement about having a purpose in life and that purpose is to visit every Starbucks, it’s a very sad day for us humans.

Want to know who has a purpose-driven life?  How about Jeffrey Sachs or Muhammad Yunus. Their coffee’s on me.

You can read the rest of the silly story here –

Or, you could take a few moments to think about your purpose in life over your morning coffee.

Posted by VH

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