How Can Mobile and Social Media Change the Loyalty Landscape for Hotels?

Feb 6, 2013


Hotel Social MediaThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell was inspired by the 2012 presidential election to delve into this question in her latest article in Hotel Business Review, Loyalty to Go: How Mobile is Remaking Guest Allegiance. Most of us know the potential of social media in business, but Vanessa’s article looks at social media from a hotelier’s perspective. What provides hotels with the unique ability to inspire loyalty among guests through devices that influence more and more people each day?

The answer is mobile.

When it comes to industry loyalty, and specifically the hospitality sector, hotel operations don’t run in four year cycles, and nor can they take presidential retreats to Camp David to collect their thoughts. Committing to loyalty is a constant process, where even the slightest misstep could impact occupancy rates and the equally important revenue per available room, (REVPAR). In these still-challenging economic times, for hotels as in other industries, retaining existing patrons – like voters – is vital. And to a large extent, mobile is the ideal medium to drive that engagement.

While 2012 has proven to be a banner year for mobile and its incorporation into hotel hospitality and loyalty, 2013 is where hoteliers must get creative.” You can read the entire article on Hotel Business Review.

What are some of the innovative ways that hotels are utilizing mobile and social media? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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