Frequent Flyer Miles: A New Currency for Airlines & The Passengers Who Earn Them

Dec 16, 2014 / By THINKINK

Frequent flyer miles will soon purchase more than airline tickets, based on a United Airlines app that’s being tested. MileagePlus members can use their mobile devices to earn miles — up to 24 miles for every dollar they spend — at stores that include Lowe’s, Gap, Sears and AMC Theaters.

Plane-and-Plane-TicketThinkInk Principal and Chief Strategy officer Vanessa Horwell in quoted in today’s Mobile Commerce Daily coverage of this mobile-enabled trend, noting that “airlines and all other industries are shifting to mobile commerce in response to an entire marketplace that’s becoming more mobile and mobile-friendly.

“This shift means that airlines will have to extend their mobile capabilities beyond the brand, provide the flexibility and utility that consumers want, and support a wider variety of mobile transactions.”

She adds: “The airline industry basically established loyalty programs back in the 1980s, and mobile commerce — however it’s carried out — will help define the growth and future of the loyalty industry in coming years.”

Read the entire column here.


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