Don’t Be Late to The (PR) Party

Nov 5, 2010

By Katie Norwood

AdAge recently reported that Proctor & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard, global marketing and brand building officer, spoke extensively about the value of PR  and its place in the marketing mix at the Council of Public Relations Firms Critical Issues Forum in NY last Wednesday. His primary declaration? “This is PR’s time to shine.” While on one hand I agree with Mr. Pritchard’s assessment, I must also respectfully say – he’s a little late to the party. PR has been shining for quite a while now and it already has a major role in the marketing mix – official or not.

Over the last few years, we have seen the definition of PR expand and grow to encompass a wide range of communications – online, offline, written, spoken, sang tweeted – and for the most successful major organizations, PR has played an essential role in navigating all of it.

Our social culture is that of hyper-connectivity and constant communication, and our business culture is too. We’ve seen the lines blur between our professional and personal lives – how many among us have given our personal cell phone number out to professional contacts without thinking twice, for example – and so, it seems, have the lines between corporate and social. Consumers have the ability to voice their opinions via the internet, blogs, and social media and companies must always be prepared to react and respond, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Smart companies know that a comprehensive and well-planned PR strategy can mean more effective and efficiently managed communications, which often means happier consumers and a better bottom line.

And what that means is that PR and marketing are, and should be, inextricably linked. The days of “PR optional” business plans are dead, gone, and over.

Read the full article here – P&G’s Marc Pritchard Touts Value of PR

About Katie Norwood

A native of Texas, Katie holds degrees from the University of Miami in public relations and art history. Her background is in PR and strategic communications and she has extensive experience with social media, as well as marketing campaigns and event planning.

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