“Closing the Impression-to-Redemption Loop”: Vanessa Horwell Shares Her Views

Jun 12, 2013

How can mobile marketers drive customer traffic all the way through to a conversion? According to ThinkInk’s Vanessa Horwell, the solution to the problem is twofold:

  • Finding customers’ personal preferences within the profusion of Big Data
  • Using that data to drive ROI – while respecting customers’ data privacy

In “Closing the Impression-to-Redemption Loop,” Vanessa addresses the former by advising that marketers use analytics experts or software (or both) to find information that reveals customers’ individual preferences within the data deluge.

As for the latter: “it’s imperative that brands that do rely on mobile-based data gather it in an opt-in manner, guarantee not to sell that data to a third party and the data that is collected, is gathered in an anonymous manner,” Vanessa said.

Marketers who take these recommendations – as well as those from the other experts quoted in the piece – to heart stand a much better chance of scoring true engagement with customers through all channels – digital, analog and in-the-flesh – and long-lasting business relationships that drive ROI

You can read the full article on Mobile Marketer here.

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