Can Tim Cook Lead Apple to Another iPod Moment?

Jul 11, 2013

Nearly two years after Steve Jobs’ death, Apple is struggling to maintain its post at the top of the innovative pyramid. The tech titan has been falling profitably since last year’s release of uninspired products.


My column Can Tim Cook Lead Apple to Another iPod Moment?, published on Mobile Marketer, explores how Apple’s CEO can reinvent the brand and lead it out of its current slump.

As a company man, Cook tends to keep to the standard practices of MBA. Though he worked alongside Jobs—a tech pioneer—for years, it seems the creative habit never rubbed off on him. What Apple needs at this most critical crossroads is another “iPod” moment: an innovative breakthrough that re-imagines an industry.

With disappointing sales and the iWatch lined up next on the Apple roster, Jobs’ stand-in CEO either needs to step up his game or make way for someone who can.

You can read the entire article on Mobile Marketer here.

What direction do you see Apple taking under Tim Cook’s lead? How do you think he will change the legacy Steve Jobs’ left behind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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