Augmenting the Hotel of the Future with Augmented Reality

Nov 14, 2013

The following article by Vanessa Horwell, Chief Visibility Officer of ThinkInk, appears on Hotel Executive.

In 1967 the BBC predicted that within 20 years all homes would feature built-in computer terminals and bedside teletype machines. It hasn’t worked out quite that way, but it’s clear that the news outlet could envision the home computing revolution’s outlines fairly well. Today, another technology that has been slowly gaining momentum – augmented reality, which combines digital images with real-time physical environments – has the potential to help hoteliers drive greater loyalty and revenue. page_detail_zoom_3263 (1)For hotels, however, the potential of augmented reality isn’t just consumer-facing. The technology can also improve the brand itself. The latest advances suggest unmatched monetization and customer experience potential. The question is: Are hotel brands ready for this change and are they investing in the staff training, IT and creative talent necessary to capitalize on augmented reality’s capabilities and guest engagement reach?

You can read the entire article on Hotel Executive.

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