Are QR Codes Losing Their Magnetism? ThinkInk and iSIGN Sound off in Mobile Marketer

Apr 25, 2013


QR CodeWait… QR codes still exist?!

Yes, they do. And while they haven’t fallen off marketers’ radars just yet, their use has significantly declined over the past year. What was once seen as “the future” of mobile marketing now elicits some heavy eye-rolling whenever it’s brought up in a conversation.

So, what happened to QR codes? Is there still hope for them or will marketers (and consumers) give up on them completely?

ThinkInk’s Chief Visibility Officer Vanessa Horwell and iSIGN Media’s CEO Alex Romanov both had words to say about QR codes in a recent Mobile Marketer article about the failing marketing tool.

Marketers need to do more than stick QR codes on posters,” Vanessa said. “Instead, they need to strive for creativity when trying to break out of the QR code funk.”

iSIGN’s Alex Romanov also mentioned creativity when using QR codes, stating that “In [his] eyes, marketers haven’t been creative enough in their QR code usage.” He showed a preference toward proximity advertising on mobile devices via SMS, email and other formats, stating that “it’s timely, interactive and relevant – and it provides consumers with the information they want when they are primed and ready to receive it.”

You can read the entire Mobile Marketer article here.

When was the last time you responded to or used a QR code? Do you see QR codes being around for much longer?   Don’t be shy! Tell us what you think and share your thoughts with our readers in the section below.

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