Are CMO’s Slacking in Mobile?

Jul 8, 2013

Many of today’s chief marketing officers are finding the need to add tech-data-mobile savvy to their job description. As digital and mobile content continue to thrive, CMOs are faced with the challenge to adapt to a new era of consumers – and a new mobile mindset.

The way I see it, the market is divided in three segments:

  1. CMOs operating in large companies where they have the cash flow on hand to invest in an all-encompassing mobile marketing program.
  2. CMOs in smaller companies that embrace risk-taking behaviors and support mobile endeavors.
  3. CMOs in a broad middle section with tight budgets who struggle with defining what they want out of a mobile strategy and who, thanks to a well-entrenched post-recessionary mindset, remain highly risk-averse.

Mobile Marketer published an article last week, Are CMOs Slacking in Mobile?, that looked at the myriad challenges that today’s CMO face and if they’re slacking off – or not.

CMOs who aren’t native to the digital realm can be deterred by knowing that all campaigns can be tracked, measured and critiqued within minutes.

The way I see it mobile marketing has become an extremely sub-segmented marketplace including everything from ad networks, analytics, app developers, mobile CRM, RTB, social and so on. Many of these services are offered by multiple vendors, and not necessarily under one roof.

Those who embrace mobile may be unwilling to be beholden to so many third parties simultaneously. And even if they choose an in-house approach that, too, requires considerable resources, talent and deep knowledge.

So what’s the answer? Digital and mobile strategizing is more crucial than ever with multiple routes leading to consumer engagement.

You can reach the entire article on Mobile Marketer here to find out why CMOs must sideline traditional methods of marketing to make way for the mobile surge.

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