Apple finally joins the cloud party with iCloud Drive

Jun 9, 2014

For those that believe good things come to those who wait, the much-anticipated iCloud drive was unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference last week. As for the rest of us, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal considering there’s no real product innovation within iCloud. Why did it would take Apple so long to develop this product? Even Microsoft is ahead of Apple when it comes to cloud drives – and that’s saying a lot.

As expected, Apple took the best of the already successful (cloud) computing systems, like Dropbox and OneDrive, fused the two to address the general OS-X user needs, and voilà!  iCloud was born. What’s different about this product release, however, is that it’s been built to appease Windows users as well. That’s right, Windows users. SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federhigi’s delivery of, “What the heck, we even threw in Windows” may have been casual, but its intent was serious.

If Apple is hoping to reinforce consumer confidence by charging users a monthly fee to access iCloud, it may have a battle.  Apple is late to the game, likely anticipating a growing battle with Android OS globally, which means finding alternative revenue streams.  Luckily, customer retention is taken care of in the added value of fusing cloud computing and Apple software.  Apple’s cloud competitor also achieves customer acquisition goals with its Windows-compatibility, enhanced usability for current Apple product owners and overall integration in one fell swoop.

Analysts, having not received a major hardware announcement from WWDC, seem to be hedging their bets on ones being released later in the year.  Platform merging also seems to be a popular forecast, with Apple products like iPad serving tablet and Macbook uses in one device.  With devices spanning more functions than ever, Apple users will be able to use the iCloud drive as a singular, fluid point to transfer as much data as possible from one device to another.

Cloud computing is a phrase we use the future tense with less and less with.  Integrative ideas are becoming reality.  Are you ready?  We sure are.  Especially after monitoring those live feeds so closely.




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