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Jul 9, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

ThinkInk is excited to share news of our new partnership with Room Swap, an innovative new company that provides room exchange services to members all over the world. ThinkInk’s own Jennifer Rodrigues will now be a featured contributor on the Room Swap website. Check out this great company (and Jennifer’s articles) here!

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Own a Boutique Hotel, Guest House, B&B or holiday property? Get more for you roooms!!

Room Swap is the new “must join” network for independent hotel and guest house owners throughout the World with over 300 members in over 40 countries already! We are now pleased to announce partnerships with some of the best in the business!!


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 08, 2010 – Room Swap Limited is growing fast and we have had to move with it. Having had so many new ideas put to us by our members we knew we had to deliver. Now we are delighted to tell you what you can expect when you log on to

Room Swap now has grown to 347 members in 46 countries. We have members as far away as Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA and the net just keeps growing. To ensure we stick to our ethos of “providing for our members needs”, we have made some fantastic additions to the Room Swap web-site. If you have a passion for the hospitality industry like us then you will be pleased to know that now you can keep your finger on the pulse of everything present and future.

Epoque Hotels, Lifestyle Hotels and Small Luxury Hotels Worldwide will be showcasing some of their grandest and quaintest and telling us all about where to find these gems. Boutique Hotels in Thailand to Eco Retreats in India, luxury apartments in New York to seaside b&b’s in Australia, everyones tastes are catered for.

Epoque Hotel’s very own Boutique Hotels Magazine blog is now available on, if you like what we like then you will love this blog. It is the leading source for everything new in the Boutique Hotel industry.

Dale Kosowan is a professional Interior Designer in Vancouver, BC, Canada and he has been working in the Hospitality Design industry for over 12 years. He is currently an Associate at a large Architectural and Interior Design firm in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver. His blog explores some of the interesting and new hotel projects and related products that he comes across and wants to share. Lucky for us he has shared it with Room Swap, we are beyond ecstatic to bring you Dale´s blog live on our site.

Jennifer Rodrigues, Visibility Development Manager with ThinkInk and TravelInk’d, is a seasoned public relations professional with a passion for the hospitality industry, which is expressed in her role at ThinkInk’s travel division, TravelInk’d. At TravelInk’d, she is responsible for developing cost-effective and creative public relations and marketing strategies for clients in the travel and tourism, airline, lodging, cruise and meeting/event sectors. Jennifer has come on board as Room Swap’s PR and Marketing ‘guru’. Jennifer’s experience is of infinite value to all within the industry and you can read all her articles in her own section on Room Swap´s web-site.

Susie Thornhill of The Troubadour in London kick’s off our new q&a’s with the members. Susie has owned the Troubadour in London for 12 years now and has some great advice for the next generation. We will be putting the same set of questions to more un-suspecting members every month and we can always guarantee some interesting answers!

We know how important it is to know what is going on, but we also know how little time people in the industry have. Room Swap does the weeding for you. All the up to date, interesting and relevant news is right there on our ‘Home’ page We are provided daily news from sources all over the World and within minutes they are there for you to read. If you wish to read more general news then we also have the ´Telegraph Travel News’ streamed live onto the ‘Home’ page for you.

Room Swap Limited is now on Facebook and we use our page to let you know what is coming. We invite everyone to join and share stories and ideas with us. Augill Castle in the Lake DIstrict of England have done and we are very pleased to work with them to help their new project ‘Stay With Our Friends’ grow.

You can join Room Swap for an introductory price of £50 per year, join the revolution now!

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Room Swap is a pioneering company founded by Iain Fenwick and Patty Harrison, both have an extensive background in the hospitality industry.

Whilst working on a similar project, they soon recognised there were owners of hotel rooms, b&b’s and guest houses crying out for a more professional way to get extra value from their rooms, and that is exactly what Room Swap provides.

Whilst it is very seldom opportunities arise for breaks or holidays, Room Swap offers a solution. To be able to make those last minute arrangements or indeed plan a family holiday with such little fuss is a new sense of freedom members are finally able to enjoy.

What is most important to the ethos of Room Swap is the ability to meet our clients’ needs. Room Swap has a network of staff stretching across the globe, with representatives as far as Canada, USA, India, Australia and South Africa as well as all across Europe.

It is vital to us to provide a service you can use and to help you use it.

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