Public Relations vs. Social Media: Evolving Toward a Happy Medium

Sep 26, 2016 / By Vanessa Horwell

The PR industry is not going anywhere, despite some predictions, and it is certainly not ceding its role to social media, writes Chief Strategy Officer Vanessa Horwell in today’s Mobile Marketer. Public relations and social media are different disciplines that require different skills and mindsets, even if the skills and practices overlap and co-exist.

The PR industry itself is largely aware of the fundamental changes that have taken place over the past five years – changes that continue to influence how PR is practiced today and how it will be practiced two years from now. The growth of social media is just one of those changes and challenges.

PR professionals also have weathered similar industry-shifting changes in the sectors that support and supply it – traditional media, advertising, corporate communications and others, including social media.

PR professionals are cementing their futures by adopting best practices that embed social media into the PR process. And social media experts will continue to push the envelope in a world in which the definition of “media” is constantly invented and re-imagined as a way of getting the word out.

Somewhere in the middle – no pun intended – is a happy medium.

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